Change of Plan…

Yesterday was a very overwhelming day…

I have never felt so appreciated by all of your positive comments, emails, text messages, phone calls, Whatsapps and the people who actually came to see me and express their concerns and support.

80 public comments on Facebook.
70 LIKE reactions on Facebook.
36 personal messages via Facebook.
22 SMS messages.
38 Whatsapp messages.
17 Emails.
4 Personal visits.

We would like to thank you all personally for your support.

We have also received 3 negative comments…

We will address these openly and publicly and be as transparent as possible with you all. We have nothing to hide and feel you as the members should know what is being said behind the scenes…

An email from Colin & Kath Jones, a comment on Facebook by Audrey Ladbrook and a telephone call from Anthony Haines.

Colin & Kath Email

You have let me down this has been planned for along time I am sick of the way it has been done…

“You have let me down…” – We have sat on the committee for many years and built the club to a record high, you have had planned for you, monthly events and trips of which 95% have been successful… I apologize for letting you down.

“this has been planned for along time” – We were asked to resign by David Oscroft on Sunday the 4th, 4 days ago…

“sick of the way it has been done” – The committee sat down and discussed all options and also voted on all options… Again, I also apologize for the committee not siding with your preferred outcome.

We honestly never meant to upset anyone… We were only looking for an amicable solution to move on and provide the members of La Tabla Social Club a choice for the future…

You yourselves have even asked me on numerous occasions “Please don’t leave…

We consider you personal friends and never had any intention to upset you both.
We appreciate your support for La Tabla Social Club as I know both of you have been members for over 15 years and it will honestly be another end of a chapter when you plan to leave Torrox after December.

You will be missed by a lot of people including us.

Audrey Ladbrook Facebook Comment

Do we the members really want that no not us we became members at la tabla not a bar in nerja

It was agreed by the committee that both clubs would inherit the current membership. You still are a member at La Tabla Social Club.

If you do not wish to be a member at Axarquia Social Club, it is not a problem.

Axarquia Social Club will be hosting events in Torrox too, not just Nerja.

Again, I would like to say that I consider yourself and Roy to be friends.
Our intentions were never to upset you both… I apologise.

Anthony Haines Phone Call

Anthony Haines aka Tony Buses expressed his concerns via a personal telephone call saying that the decision of the elected committee was not fair and that all assets should stay with La Tabla Social Club.

I expressed to Tony that a committee is in place to make these decisions for the best interest of the members as he well knows as he sat beside us for many years.

The nine committee members discussed and voted on all options and the result was seven for the divide and two against as stated yesterday.

The committee decision was made for the best interest of the members…

Later on that day…

Following my final committee meeting with La Tabla Social Club, we received an email from the new unelected stand in Treasurer for La Tabla Social Club, Kath Jones.

I am contacting you in my position as acting treasurer of the tabla social club  after your resignation as club treasurer at the committee meeting of 07 November 2019 to request the return of all tabla social club monies accounting books documentation and property by 4.00 pm on the 8th of November 2019 you will be aware that there are outstanding accounts that need to be paid from the cash that you are holding and I would be obliged if you get a receipt for these accounts in order to insure the cash that you hand in is correct thank you kath

outstanding accounts that need be paid” – La Tabla Social Club currently has over 1400€ of Social Club money being held by Philip Ryan (External Events Manager). Why can this not be paid? The outstanding bill you refer to from the bar La Tabla has not been paid before with valid reason, there is no legal company CIF number on the factura from La Tabla. They currently do not have one…

tabla social club monies accounting books documentation and property

All Tabla Social Club documentation is stored at La Tabla.

All Tabla Social Club Money, accounting books and property will also be returned.

The divide was never intended to be about money, it was to provide its member’s choice and opportunities…

We have come to this decision, against the outcome of the elected committee’s vote and the majority of people who are happy with the divide to hopefully allow Dave Oscrofts new committee and the minority against the divide to move forward…

We have been completely honest with you all, we are not trying to upset anyone or cause bad feelings. We are moving forward…

We and also existing committee members have dedicated our own free time and sometimes expense to build the club into what it is today…

I (Pj) have three of my own children and two step-children, I work 76 hours a week running two businesses, maintain 12 websites and work for the Spanish Insight magazine yet I still made the time to help build and grow La Tabla Social Club into a very successful social club over the last 5 years.

My family, myself and Phil have left La Tabla Social Club on a record-breaking high with 360 members…

It is now down to the new committee and members to make it happen at the upcoming Extraordinaire meeting…

This is the last time we will address and respond to any concerns of La Tabla Social Club.

Axarquia Social Club Membership

Axarquia Social Club will like to announce that membership for this year is FREE!

You will be able to register into Axarquia Social Club from Monday via our website or by filling a form in from La Raqueta in Nerja.

If you signed up for La Tabla Social Club on the pretence to be involved with the Axarquia Social Club we will assist you in claiming back your membership from La Tabla Social Club.

We are looking forward to the future and hope to see you all soon!


//. Axarquia Social Club

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