Please Consider Making A Donation…

You have arrived here as you have just enjoyed an organized day out with the Axarquia Social Club.

What I have planned is going to be amazing! incredible! epic! a game changer!

I am hoping you can further help the progress of the Axarquia Social Club.

After three years and the continuous improvement of the club I am now looking to take the Axarquia Social Club to the next level once again… but to do this I need your help!

We are now running overnight trips, and cruises and even more surprises are yet to be revealed… 

You have all supported the Axarquia Social Club for the last three years and it has literally gone from strength to strength… Even more so then I had ever expected!

Thank you.

I am now looking more to the future and the next step I can forsee is to cut out more middlemen furthermore by getting an official Tourism License.

This is not going to be cheap… and for this reason, I am asking for donations…

I am not expecting this to happen overnight but I have set this goal as the next step for the Axarquia Social Club.

If you enjoy the organised day trips and can spare a few euros please consider making a donation below.

All donations add up and if every member donated 2€ we would reach our goal pretty much straight away!

However, I do understand the current state of living crisis and realise this is not viable for many…

Either way, we will get there and enjoy even bigger and better excursions with the Axarquia Social Club.

Thank you for your continued support.

//. Pj

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