Rome Mini Break Passenger Booking Details Confirmation

Hi guys, we are all good to go for the Rome mini break.

I now have everyones deposit and have confirmed with my guy in Malaga that everything is good to go! 

There is only one small change and that is the return flight home will be the earlier flight. 

We will be returning on this flight: FCO 06:00 – 08:40 AGP so we will have an earlier start on the Friday.

I hope this is not a problem for anyone… If it is please let me know as soon as possible.

Please fill in the form below per person so I can confirm the flights and hotel.

This needs to be done urgently so we can secure the plane tickets!

I am hoping we can get everything completed today…


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tickets are not available to buy on the website yet...

Please contact PJ to purchase your tickets or to find out more information about this proposed trip. Thank you.